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Laptop and iPad Loan Program

NSCC Libraries loan laptops and iPads to NSCC students, faculty and staff. This program is intended to support users in their study and teaching while at NSCC.

General Information

  • Laptop and iPad kits are checked out for 7 days from any one of the NSCC campus libraries.
  • Laptop and iPad kits are returned in person to the NSCC campus library.
  • Late return of equipment will result in overdue charges and possible blocking of future borrowing privileges.
  • Damage or loss to equipment and the accessories will be subject to replacement charges. Non-payment of these charges may affect your College account and/or standing in your Learning Program.

Use of Equipment

  • You are required to adhere to the terms of use as outlined in the Technology Resources - Acceptable Use Policy
  • Users will not install any unauthorized software or apps.
  • Apps that are currently available on iPads are licensed and cannot legally be copied or put on other devices. As per terms of use agreements.
  • Your Outlook account can be accessed using the web-based interface. 
  • Equipment is configured to access the NSCC wireless network.
  • Apps and content may be loaded on the iPad using a personal account. You are responsible for any fees or charges associated with a personal AppleID account when downloading apps not already installed on the iPad.

Protection of Privacy

  • Users are responsible for ensuring that all personal information is removed from the equipment.
  • Save all files to OneDrive or a flash drive; software cannot be installed on the laptop.
  • When you return the equipment, all data and settings will be wiped from the device.

Fees for Damage or Loss

  • iPad - $665.00
  • Laptop - $600.00
  • Administrative charge = $25.00

Updated March 5, 2019