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Reserve Readings -
Information for Faculty

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This page is for the convenience of NSCC faculty and is intended to provide general information on our Reserve Readings policy. Please contact the library staff if you have any questions about Reserve Readings.

What are Reserve Readings?

Reserve Readings (or Reserves) are high demand materials that you, the faculty member, identify as useful for your students in a particular course. These materials have short loan periods to ensure students in your course have fair and equal access to these resources.

You can put materials on reserve for 1, 2, 3 or 24 hour loan, or on 2, 3, or 7 day loan.

What can go on Reserve?

You can place original work (i.e. books, journal issues, or DVDs); links to electronic resources (such as full text journal articles) in the Library's licensed databases; or copies of work that complies with NSCC’s Fair Dealing Policy or where permission has been received from the copyright owner.

Original Works

  • Books, journals, videos, documents and other materials owned by the library or from your personal collection.
  • Materials for which you or NSCC holds the copyright (i.e. lecture notes, presentations).
  • Student Coursework, but only under the conditons outlined below.
  • Exception: Complimentary or publisher review copies cannot be placed on reserve.

Copies and Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing applies to copying and communicating a short excerpt of a copyright-protected work for library reserves. The short excerpt may be copied onto paper, or copied and communicated in electronic form, from any copyright-protected course materials, including a course pack, provided that the following safeguards are met:

Copy is made onto paper:

(i) a request to put the short excerpt on library reserve is made by or on behalf of a faculty member and in respect of a specific course or program of instruction;

(ii) the number of copies made does not exceed the number of students enrolled in the course of instruction;

(iii) the copy is used only for the purpose of library reserve by students enrolled at NSCC;

(iv) A complete citation identifying the source of the document must be provided on all photocopies, along with a clear copyright statement.

(v) the copy is marked with the following notice:
This copy was made pursuant to the Fair Dealing Policy of NSCC which may be found at The copy may only be used for the purpose of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, satire or parody. The use of this copy for any other purpose may require the permission of the copyright owner.

Copy is made in electronic form:

(vi) the safeguards referred to in (i) and (iii) are followed;

(vii) the notice referred to in (iv) be on the electronic copy or be otherwise displayed to students who access the electronic copy; and

(viii) the electronic copy is maintained with access restricted to students enrolled at NSCC and faculty.

Student Coursework

Student coursework is also protected by copyright and may only be placed on library reserve with the permission of that student. Faculty are required to obtain the student’s written consent to have their material placed on reserve and must remove the student’s name and student ID number from the coursework. Any additional personal information contained in the coursework must be identified by the student and removed at his or her request.

Books from other libraries

Contact you campus Library staff if you need material from another Novanet Library. Most Novanet libraries support lending their materials to NSCC libraries for Reserve collections. Each request is treated individually and Novanet libraries may exercise the option to not loan their materials.

For more help

Contact the library

Updated October 3, 2016